the full Avengers Gowns Collection! the full image is pretty large and can be used for a wallpaper. :D

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Izzy’s Logic

  • makes folder and fills it with picture of tom hiddleston
  • never actually have the willpower to open the folder for fear of overpowering emotional torment
  • keep adding pictures to the folder


so my little brother has avengers legos and i just saw that he had the loki one set up like this and i was so confused for a minute and then i figured it out

he’s roasting marshmallows

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fools give you reasons, wise men never try: 'Friday' - Loki/Thor minific ~


His brother had been silent since they left Midgard; after all, it was expected. A metal gag doesn’t leave much in the way of conversation. Thor was afraid of turning to steal a look at his brother.. for the fear of the betrayal and hurt he would see in his cold steely eyes. Of being captured and restrained by his own brother.. halting the only thing Loki had to call his own: his voice. Little did Thor know that his brother’s eyes held silent laughter.. and behind the gag was a broad smile of smug madness.

‘Hmm-hmm, hmm-hmm.. hm-hm-hm-hm-hmm-hmmm-hmmmm”, he hummed.. the old Earth song of ‘Friday’ by a black haired witch who’s name was lost to a day. 

Loki’s hidden grin widened greatly as his hum abruptly changed, unless soon it was being humming through stretched lips.

The only thing Loki could remember before being knocked unconscious by his more then irritated brother.. was the few muttered words under Thor’s breathe: ‘so call me maybe’.. 

i was just wondering if this ot8 thing of ours is an actual thing now and then i saw vee had her own tag for us.. 

yeah. it’s a thing.